It has been rumored that your new iPhone will be able to be converted into a charging pad to power other wireless devices. 

According to reports, the successor to the iPhone XR will feature new technology called "bilateral" wireless charging. With this, the device will be able to be converted into a power pad and act like a charger for other wireless devices.

Similar to the "bilateral" charging is Apple's new Airpower. This is an Apple-designed charging mat for the company's Qi-based products. Airpower is made so that one can put a device on any part of the mat and be charged. It was first announced in 2017 with a 2018 launch date, but is now rumored to be released in 2019 along with a special Airpod case that is compatible with the mat.

The new iPhone will include an improved battery life to support this feature. In addition, the device will have a new triple-lens camera as well as fixing bothersome bugs like the issues with the Face ID recognition. 

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