In the weeks since the murder of Stephon Clark, Black Lives Matter activists and others have rallied and protested once again against police brutality and fatal violence that faces young black people at the hands of the police. GoFundMe campaigns were set up to support Clark's family in the aftermath of the tragedy. Meanwhile, some are choosing to financially support a nurse who was fired after commenting that Clark “deserved” to be killed.

As the New York Daily News reports, Faith Linthicum created a GoFundMe page on Saturday, after being terminated by her employer. She’s now received more than $22,000 of her $25,000 goal to “pay rent, buy food for myself and my two dogs” and “make my car payments/insurance.” 

“I was recently fired from my job as a nurse at Kaiser Permanente for exercising my First Amendment right to free speech,” her page reads. “I assure you, and for those that know me, I am not a hateful or discriminatory person. As a person of faith, and a nurse, I love all people and treat everyone equally.”

Linthicum previously wrote on Facebook criticizing Clark and calling him “stupid,” according to the Sacramento Bee. “Yeah but he was running from the police jumping over fences and breaking in peoples houses…why run??!!! He deserved it for being stupid,” she wrote in a post that has since been removed.

Shortly after the comments reached her employer, Kaiser Permanente issued a statement stating she was “no longer with the organization.” “Kaiser Permanente does not tolerate hate or discrimination and has a long history of embracing diversity and inclusion,” VP Yvette Radford wrote in a statement to the NYDN.

Clark, an unarmed 22-year-old black man, was shot eight times in his grandmother’s backyard on March 18 by Sacramento police. An autopsy revealed over the weekend that Clark was shot six times in the back, contradicting early police reports that Clark charged at officers.

GoFundMe has not responded to the campaign, but as BET points out, some are calling for it to be shut down.