It's 2018 and anyone can become a meme at any time—especially if there are cable news cameras rolling.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday morning, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch was in the middle of a statement about the DACA policy when he paused to take off his glasses. Here's the thing: Orrin wasn't wearing any glasses.

Years ago, the slip-up probably would have gone unnoticed, and to his credit, Hatch continued like nothing happened like a pro. But today, it went viral immediately. A short three-second clip posted by writer Jon Levine (seen above) has already racked up three million views within eight hours.

The fun doesn't end there, though. Orrin's imaginary glasses have already become a meme.

Hatch even retweeted a clip made by The Daily Show Tuesday afternoon. You can see more below (and here's an unedited GIF if you feel like making your own).

Whoever is running Hatch's office Twitter account even joined in and poked fun at their boss, joking that he was wearing Warby Parker's new invisible frames.