While this year’s ComplexCon was full of innovations in music, fashion, and technology, it was also a place for honest discussions surrounding mental health. As part of our partnership with Well Being Trust, Complex's Jinx sat down with Hot 97 fam and Food Grails host Miss Info at the Long Beach Convention Center to talk about the importance of mental health awareness, especially in the age of social media.

“Confessional culture is something that we live in,” says Miss Info, who does not glorify the practice. While she sees the value of the social media revolution in helping to bring previously silenced conversation topics—like sexual assault or racism—to light, she thinks that we are also missing a more intimate kind of dialogue, claiming that “sharing on a one-on-one basis with people that you trust does a lot more for you than just default spilling your guts on social media.”

Miss Info and Jinx also talked about why the topic of mental health is taboo in the rap world. In a genre where your confidence directly translates to your income, it can be hard for members of the hip-hop community to feel comfortable being open about topics concerning mental health. Info notes, “there’s nothing more vulnerable than saying that your weakness is in your head.”

Watch the full interview in the video above and for more on mental health awareness, visit Complex and Well Being Trust’s new content site here.