Ted Cruz, a human American perhaps most known for not possessing a spine, fell into headlines Monday night when the official @TedCruz Twitter account (miraculously followed by more than zero people) liked a very compelling tweet:

Yes, that is indeed an image of @TedCruz liking a tweeted clip of prolific adult film star Cory Chase. As expected, Cruz's team of beleaguered goofballs quickly blamed the liked tweet on a mysterious "staffing issue."

As the internet continued to drown in well-played staff jokes, Chase shared her thoughts on the liked tweet controversy nontroversy. Chase, whose recent hits include Moms Bang Teens and Moms Lick Teens, was initially unaware of Cruz's brief moment of Twitter fame due to being offline in Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma. That all changed Tuesday when Chase had a chance to check her socials. Thankfully, Chase doesn't much care for Cruz.

"With his stance against the porn industry and adult entertainment, I'm not a fan of Ted Cruz," Chase told the New York Daily News. "But I'm happy to see that he could be a fan of mine though." Chase added that, if Cruz actually liked the tweet in question, she hopes he "enjoys the video." Cruz's like would also mark the first time Chase's catalog has been publicly praised by a politician.

Following the incident, Cruz went on CNN to clear the air. He said a staffer accidentally liked the tweet and called it "an honest mistake."

@SexuallPosts, the account that tweeted the Cruz-liked clip, has since updated its bio to boast about curating "the same porn @TedCruz watches."

But don't let the fun stop now. Below, take the first step toward Photoshopping your own version of the liked tweet: