In 1992, one of the greatest hip-hop films of all time (Juice, starring 2Pac), was released. In the movie, the squad of NYC teens were going ham in the city streets, all for a piece of the "juice," which was something you had to earn. Some would go far enough to murder another person for the "juice," which essentially boiled down to the respect that would warrant someone being called "the man" in the hood. About two decades (and change) later, Gucci Mane broke down what someone having "sauce" meant.

The question is, is there a difference between having "the juice" and having "the sauce"? According to this Best Buy employee who goes by @Gino_Russ on Twitter, there's a big difference, and it looks like his explanation, which is going viral on Twitter, is getting a lot of love.

His explanation is simple: juice is temporary, but "sauce is forever." He uses the following example: "You buy you a Simply Lemonade, how long's that going to last in your fridge? Couple days, maybe? That's a juice. How long does BBQ sauce last in your fridge? A while. That's the sauce, man. It sticks around. It's thick, hard to move."

As you can hear in the clip after he breaks it down, "that's some real shit," and homie's words are clearly connecting with the people.

This guy here gets it.

This video has spread like wildfire, to the point where the guy who originally posted the clip is having issues with his phone.

Meanwhile, in an effort to obtain as much sauce as possible, the Best Buy guy is trying to get that TV recognition.

Now that's sauce.