Motaparthi Vamshi Krishna allegedly went to great lengths to preserve an affair with his online mistress this week, and he now faces the possibility of having his efforts rewarded with prison time. Police in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad arrested Krishna on Thursday on suspicion of sending a fake email about an attempted terrorism plot.

A statement released through the Hyderabad City Police Facebook page accuses Krishna of sending police an email in which he claimed to be a woman who overheard an intricate plot about terrorists hijacking multiple planes in several major cities. The threats were taken seriously, as airports in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad were all on high alert for potential threats.

But the story took a strange turn when the emails were traced to an internet café in Hyderabad. Authorities used footage from closed circuit television cameras to identify a list of eight potential suspects, including Krishna.

During a police interrogation, Krishna reportedly confessed to sending the email as part of a hoax to avoid going on a vacation with his mistress. Krishna, who is married and works as a travel agent, reportedly told police he couldn't afford to go on the trip. But the woman insisted, so in an attempt to get out of going, he allegedly created a fake plane ticket for her and then created a fake email address and sent in the hijacking tip to avoid the vacation and possible implications of sending his mistress a counterfeit ticket.

According to the statement released by Hyderabad City Police, Krishna also confessed to two previous crimes, at least one of which was classified as a cyber crime. CNN’s Manveena Suri reports Krishna has been arrested on charges of providing false information and impersonation, and he faces up to five years in prison and the equivalent of a $150 fine.

So we have to ask: Wouldn't it have just been easier for him to tell his mistress that there was absolutely no way he could make it?