Back in 2013, we put you on to the AeroMobil, a bonafide flying car straight out of Slovakia. Four years later, and the AeroMobil Flying Car is now available for pre-order. This piece of the future is going to cost you auto enthusiasts, though, to the tune of 1.2 million to 1.5 million euros (or $1.29 million to $1.61 million).

According to Reuters, the AeroMobil Flying Car was on display at Top Marques Monaco today, and it's a beauty. It can drive on roads like a regular car, but it also has wings and could transform into "flight mode" in under three minutes. That doesn't mean you can just take flight when you're stuck in traffic, though; you still need to be on an airfield or some other approved area to fly. You'd also need a driver's license and a pilot license.

Still, this is important. As a kid growing up I saw (reruns of) The Jetsons, as well as the Back to the Future movies. An actual flying car being a thing is insanity. Sadly, with the cost of this bad boy being damn near $2 million, it feels like it will be eons before these AeroMobils become mainstream. I can dream, though, right?