Viral Cooking Sensation Auntie Fee Dead at 59

Auntie Fee, who burst onto the cooking scene with her foul-mouthed viral cooking videos in 2014, has passed away.

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Back in the summer of 2014, the world got introduced to some shit it wasn't ready for. With WorldStar dubbing the above clip "the realest cooking show on the internet," we were introduced to the world of Felicia "Auntie Fee" O'Dell, a Los Angeles-based cook who, along with her son Tavis, specialized in showing people how to make fire food at a minimal cost. After it was incorrectly reported that Auntie Fee had passed away earlier this week due to a heart attack, after days of being on life support, Auntie Fee passed away on Friday, March 17. She was 59.

According to TMZ, Auntie Fee was rushed to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles after complaining of feeling chest pains; she suffered a massive heart attack at the hospital, and was placed on life support afterwards.

Auntie Fee's son Tavis posted on Facebook confirming the news, saying that "God [sic] made the decision to take my mother home." In the same Facebook post, he ended on a more upbeat note, saying "When u was going through it i went through it, and now its time for you to relax and watch me do it baby."

What made Auntie Fee so unique (and so viral) was the lack of fucks she gave when it came to how she did her thing, including cursing Tavis out whenever he wasn't operating the camera to her liking. She made sure people knew about her "good ass chicken" and knew how to feed seven people with just $3.35.

​With her videos pulling in millions of views on YouTube, Auntie Fee was turned into an internet sensation, making appearance everywhere from Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Steve Harvey Show to BET's Real Husbands of Hollywood and a special cameo in 2016's Barbershop 3.

Affectionately known as "Sista Girl," Auntie Fee reminded me of a number of aunts and mothers I've encountered in my life. And, sorry Tavis, but anytime she called you a "muthafucka," I fell out laughing. Thank you for the "sweet treats" and the laughs, Auntie Fee. Rest in peace.

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