As if there was any surprise, the guy who Kellyanne Conway spits all of the "alternative facts," White House press secretary Sean Spicer, has a problem pronouncing words and names correctly. Hell, he recently fumbled Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau's name just the other day.

In the spirit of roasting someone who speaks for the most powerful person in the world, The Sydney Morning Herald has cooked up the illest name generator ever. Welcome to "Spicer-ize my name."

It's pretty damn simple; you just enter your name in and they generate how Spicer would f*ck your name up. I tried it and I'm surprised at how accreate this sounds.

See? Hilarious. Various Twitter users have Spicer-ized their names to similar comedic effect. 

Dabb and Nando? Sounds about right, and makes us very comfortable with this guy speaking for the Cheeto running the country. Fun!