Earlier this week, Twitter took a deep dive into Tomi Lahren's old tweets and uncovered how she liked to #popthatp and get her Coyote Ugly on during her college years.

Lahren later took the time to try and explain her old tweets, but it looks like another Twitter exploration into Tomi's past is already afoot. And instead of digging up throwback tweets about her drunken college days at UNLV, this thread from Twitter user Matt Gehring sought to expose Tomi for "pandering to an audience." It includes clips from Tomi's time on UNLV-TV's political roundtable program, The Scramble, and shows just how reasonable the staunch right-winger used to be a few short years ago.

It's interesting to note that, before Tomi started cashing those Glenn Beck TheBlaze checks, her approach to commenting on issues was much different. Instead of the Twista-leaning rapid fire speech she has become known for, she was way more composed, controlled, and...quiet.

That's not to say that Tomi isn't entitled to switch up her style as her career advances, but it's interesting nonetheless. And what's more intriguing is how some of her stances have changed. In October 2015, Tomi was quick to note that there isn't much to the "climate change" hoopla, as she just called it "weather." But in this clip, she noted that climate change was an "agreed-upon consensus."

It's also interesting to see someone who asked if anyone at her school spoke English and was recently so adamant about making the term "snowflake" a thing hosting a panel on hurtful language.

And just so you know, Tomi once believed that gun control was "a multi-dimensional issue," although these days she is more likely to go in on Islam when that topic is brought up.

Now, the question is, who is the real Tomi Lahren? Is Tomi really the in-your-face, ultra-opinionated talking head that we see popping up in our Facebook timelines for the wrong reasons, or is she the Tomi we see in these 2014 UNLV-TV videos, where she's much calmer and easier to reason with? Gehring feels as though this has nothing to do with Tomi coming into her own and is more about her coming into a fat check and playing a role that the conservative media needs.

But one Twitter user who claims to be Tomi's old UNLV classmate has a different take. She says that the Tomi we see today was alive and well in her college classes, and she chalks up the switching of persona to being on a program at a college, which might have stifled many of her current opinions, versus working on Beck's network.

Whatever the case may be, it feels like this situation will ultimately mean nothing to the people who flock to Tomi's hyperactive rants and hate speech. With the way she's going, she might end up making a 2017 Worst People list.