Vicente Fox, the former President of Mexico, is not a fan of president-elect Donald Trump. Fox made as much clear throughout the presidential election.

Fox, a former businessman who served as Mexico’s leader from 2000-2006, has said the president-elect is not welcome in Mexico. He added that Trump is “going to be rejected by everybody here in Mexico.”

Among other things, Fox has clearly taken issue with Trump’s desire to build a wall on the border of the United States and Mexico.

So, as mentioned: he’s been a public Trump detractor for a long time. Fox has been in rare form during the past 24 hours, however, even tweeting, “I am not paying for that f***ing wall.”

The man went in:

Well then.

Trump had said during his campaign that Mexico would fund the wall, but recent reports indicate U.S. taxpayers may in fact foot the bill.

Trump appeared to concede as much in a tweet, but he positioned the payment as a loan of sorts.

The likeliest scenario still seems: if this is going to happen, the U.S. will end up paying for it.

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