Bana Alabed, the 7-year-old girl who tweeted about her life in war-torn Syria, has been evacuated from east Aleppo, according to Yahoo News. Bana's mother, Fatemah, also tweets from the account, and the two of them have repeatedly noted how dire the violence was in Aleppo and asked for help to escape the danger.

Dr. Ahmad Tarakji, president of the nonprofit, nonpartisan Syrian American Medical Society, tweeted a photo of Bana in his arms on Monday.

Video and photos of Bana with Fatemah have been circulating online as Bana's followers have been waiting and hoping she and her family would escape their home.

Bana also tweeted that she made it out of east Aleppo. 

Fatemah sent a tweet about an hour after Bana tweeted, saying, "Let's now join together for peace across Syria like you did for Aleppo."

Alabed's supporters tweeted well-wishes and said they are grateful that Bana was able to make it out of east Aleppo:

Bana's Twitter account currently has 336,000 followers, the popularity of the account grew as the international community began to pay more attention to the war raging in Aleppo.