An unlucky teen in Mexico who got hot and heavy with his girlfriend died from a hickey she gave him, reported Mexico's Info Noticias. With cautionary tales like this one, its no wonder teens these days are having less sex than ever before.

The deceased teen has been identified as 17-year-old Julio Macías González of Mexico City. The lusty young man is said to have returned home from hanging out with his 24-year-old girlfriend, identified only as "Iris," and was sitting down for dinner with his family when he started convulsing.

Paramedics discovered the "purple" hickey on González's neck. He was taken to the Red Cross, where doctors concluded the hickey created a blood clot that went to González's brain, causing him to convulse and ultimately have a stroke.

González's parents were said to have disapproved of their son's relationship with Iris, noting the large age difference. They said she was "controlling," reported Info Noticias. The Independent reported that Iris is believed to be in hiding.   

In June, a man died as a result of possibly giving himself a stroke in more ways than one. The New York man was found dead and "half disrobed" by a hospital co-worker. It was believed the man had been watching porn and masturbating when he suffered a "fatal cardiac event." Similarly, a Detroit man died earlier this year in a car crash as a result of watching porn and masturbating while driving.