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The struggle to create extra space by deleting a bunch of old pictures is one all too familiar for Apple users because the cheapest phone only comes with 16 GB available. Well, it’s time to remove that thumb from the delete button and thank SanDisk for saving a life. The tech company just released a new line of iPhone cases that come with built-in storage.

The iXpand Memory Case connects to the Lightning port so you get extra memory without the trouble of an added device or buying a completely new phone with greater memory, the Verge reported. All you’ll need to do is install the app that comes with the case on your phone and then it’s smooth sailing. The device automatically backs up pictures from your camera phones, and for those concerned about privacy, also allows you to password protect your files.

However, you’re out of luck if you’re still carrying around a device that’s older than the iPhone 6. The case simply won’t fit or work on previous models.  But if you’re rocking the latest from Apple, cases are available with storage options for 32GB costing $59, 64GB costing $99, and 128GB costing $129. They come in either red, gray, sky, and mint, and can be purchased through Amazon.

And since you’ll probably be taking even more photos, it might be a good idea to drop another $40 for the optional battery pack that attaches to the case.