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Instagram may be sweating the meteoric rise of Snapchat, but that doesn't mean the 'gram isn't still bursting at the seams with stars in the making. Megapopular Instagrammer Raylynn has amassed more than 130,000 dedicated followers with her @love.randalin feed, featuring the self-proclaimed "top PAWG" sending out a series of messages in support of body positivity:

As the Daily Mail astutely reminded us Wednesday, "PAWG" is an acronym for "phat ass white girl."

After establishing her extremely devoted following on the 'gram (and inspiring at least one fan-run Twitter account), Raylynn decided to hit back at the skeptics who repeatedly insisted that she was putting the powers of Photoshop to good use with a quick lo-fi video:

The burgeoning 'grammer, hailing from the ATL, has also refuted claims that she suffers from lymphoedema, a medical condition that might cause an enlargement in one's rear regions:

Despite the naysayers, Raylynn's empire-in-progress now includes a subscription service that promises exclusive "pics and vids weekly" for the low, low price of just under 12 bucks a month. But no, chronically thirsty reader, that does not mean anything more than pics and vids:

Raylynn is currently prepping to launch a YouTube channel and is even taking pitches from fans.

A star is born.