Voluntourism is a booming industry. College students, do-gooders, and all sorts of white people with savior complexes can live out their dreams by lending a helping hand in developing nations. These benevolent outsiders build houses, assist medical staff, and teach classes (are most voluntourists certified teachers? Hmm.). This is not to say volunteering in a village where malnutrition and disease run rampant isn't important, but when you read articles like this one by Ossob Mohamud denouncing "saviors," it makes you realize something disingenuous may be afoot more times than not.

Instagram account Barbie Savior feels the same way. Using Barbie dolls, the account takes voluntourists with savior complexes to task. The captions are hilarious and you can tell a lot of thought and effort went into the pictures. The production quality is off the charts. Here are a few favorites.

Instagram Post on Formal Education in Africa

Instagram Post on Wildlife

Instagram Post on Missing Loved Ones while Rescuing Africa

Instagram Selfie Post in Africa

Lion King Scene Reenactment

African Children and Barbie Savior Instagram Post

Appreciation Post for Donations by Barbie Savior

Shouts to Twitter user @SayLahVeee for putting us on.