You're probably asking yourself, "Why the fuck am I looking at a tattoo of two people filming themselves banging in Uniqlo?" BECAUSE TWO LEGENDS DECIDED TO MAKE A SEX TAPE IN A UNIQLO DRESSING ROOM IN CHINA. Who knew the hottest new Uniqlo collab would be X rated?

Evidently, two amorous individuals decided that Uniqlo Heattech shouldn't be the hottest thing in the store and the video went viral in China. No, you creepers can't watch the video. This is China we're talking about—the government took it down fairly quickly. But, really, if you're trying to watch foreign cellphone mall porn when there's literally terabytes of HD professional sex on your hard drive, you need to take a step back and reassess your life choices.

Of course, now the best known instance of people fucking in Uniqlo spawned several memes, with even Zara getting in on the act, commenting: "Come to Zara! Our fitting rooms are brighter and more spacious!" Someone even made T-shirts featuring a blurred out scene from the video with the Uniqlo logo emblazoned over it. Though, the aforementioned tattoo memorializing the event is easily one of the worst decisions in human history, much, much worse than actually have sex in a dressing room.

Naturally, Vice gets into a weird discussion as to why the video went so viral in China, but I'm guessing it's because the idea of two people having sex in a Uniqlo just sounds absolutely hilarious. Do you guys think the sex itself was emblematic of Uniqlo's clothing: quick, fast and ultimately not of the quality advertised?

UPDATE: Thank you World Star. NSFW, obviously.

[Photo courtesy of Vice]