Topman's AAA collection comes with a warning: It's made for staggered layering. If you aren't ready to stack this stuff up and end up feeling like an onion when you take off all those layers, you might want to stay away until you are. Fortunately, the collection makes it pretty easy to pull off for anyone. We've got the exclusive first look at the assortment that trades mostly in black and white, with some subtle olive shades as well. 

Balancing that B&W palette is a bunch of paint splattering that adds a touch of noise to the predominantly solid collection. Standout pieces include a white rouched bomber, a leather half-zip hoodie that pairs with leather basketball shorts, dropped hem shirts and dropped hem shorts that work together nicely for that slouchy look to head into spring's warmer weather. There's also a black half-sleeve jumpsuit that will make you want to try a jumpsuit even if you're been strongly anti-jumpsuit. It's a tough look to pull off, but if this particular joint—which is layered nicely with a thin turtleneck—instills the confidence in you, we say you may as well go for it. 

The AAA collection is available now at Topman.