Topman is set to launch its newest collaboration with British-born, Berlin-based artist Richie Culver. Culver is known for his experimentation with mixed media, paintings, collages, and photography, and the 11-piece collection will reflect as such. It marks the first major collaboration between the retail giant and a British artist.

Featuring black-and-white imagery of some of Culver’s most famous works, the collection features a neutral palette which serves as an appropriately plain canvas to showcase the art. The pieces include T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, and beanies. Of the collection, Culver says, "Working with Topman means a lot to me, just like the British weather, sarcasm, football, things people see as English or British, Topman is up there in my opinion. This collaboration feels personal to me and I’ve tried to make the collection as British as possible, pulling out pieces from my artwork to fit today’s Topman."

To support the launch, Culver created a short film with the help of his friend, director Tom Beard, which you can see above. The film, much like the collection itself, has an autobiographical angle that is inspired by Culver’s own experience moving to London from his hometown of Hull.

Culver explains, "Coming from up North it was such a massive change, daunting and slightly intimidating, but it was just one big adventure, no worries or concerns, genuinely living for the weekend. It was like life was one big film and I was the main character. Creating the film was a way to capture the collection in a different way, and Tom really worked his magic, it’s not an exact portrait of my experiences, but I think it definitely portrays a snapshot of young people. Youths finding themselves through the big smoke, meeting likeminded people from similar backgrounds and small towns, using the city as their film set."

The Richie Culver for Topman collection will be on sale at and select Topman stores in New York City, L.A., and various locations across England tomorrow, Oct. 2.