God, don't you read blogs? Camo is fucking dead. Throw away all the camo joints you purchased between 2010 and 2012 and burn them. You're so off trend it's really unbelievable. And that's kind of why I don't understand why Gant Rugger is actively calling this hoodie "Ocean Camo." That ain't camo, bruh. That's just an all-over ocean pattern. We like all-over patterns! An all-over pattern does not some camo make. And that means it's fair game to purchase. Instead of camo, you'll ride the aqua wave and become a walking "Great Wave off Kanagawa." So, when someone asks you if you have any art in your apartment, you can just point to the hoodie you have on. Personally speaking, this will be the perfect disguise for when I decide to just end it all and walk into a river and never come out on some real Jeff Buckley levels of legend. Remember me as I am: in piles of credit card debt with a well-curated wardrobe. My will states that all my sneakers be cremated and scattered at sea as no one else can wear them like I can lmao.