I'm a pretty low-key individual. I don't get too excited over things unless they're pretty fucking monumental. This trait also makes it really hard to find a piece of clothing that will make me do anything more than a subtle head nod at my desk. But there are times when a item gets me viscerally excited. Like, I release a deep gasp and go "whooooooo" under my breath because it's a pretty open seating situation here at Complex. If people hear me audibly releasing emotions about clothing, that could get real fucking embarrassing real fucking quick. Of course, that's exactly what happened when I caught a glimpse of this 1205 knitted shawl collar overcoat. How insane do you have to be to design something this amazing? I think we're talking, lik,e Vincent van Gogh "I'll chop off one of my ears to prove I love you" levels of crazy. Vinny would probably wear this too. It's right up his artsy alley. When I think of shawl collars, I usually think of the huge ones but this has a more modest, in control shawl. Van Gogh would approve.