For a brief moment today, the @CheltersBanksy Twitter handle went on a mini-rant about the plans to remove Banksy's Spy Booth piece in Cheltenham. The tweets used the first-person narrative and spoke about the writers "contempt" for those who try to sell his artwork, shaming them for pretending to remove the works for "the people."

According to Artnet, "the anonymous user also stated that if he or she had known more about the values of the building’s owner, Banksy would have chosen another location to bestow his artistic gift upon." The account has since been deactivated, but people still wondered if it was in fact the street artist who started the account, or "just an impassioned fan."

We asked Banksy's publicist Jo Brooks if she could verify the account and she told us that it was "total rubbish." We guess the clues were in the way that the person spoke about the art and the fact that just about every tweet featured the self-publicizing #CheltenhamBanksy hashtag.

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