The new Project Runway ad is here, as is the death of the song "Turn Down for What?" (Even though, let's be honest, that happened a while ago.)

Here are a few things you need to know: 

Heidi Klum does her best attempt at "rap hands," which is a terrible attempt at rap hands. 

Klum and Tim Gunn, the hosts of the show rap along to "Turn Down For What?" and it is horrible/glorious/hilarious/vomit-inducing. Think of the most awkward moment in your life. Whether it was when your dad tried rapping, or you got pantsed in front of the whole school, or you busted your ass in front of potential bae—this is probably worse.

The ad may straight-up make you stop watching TV, or at the very least, never watch this show. Hearing and seeing Klum and Gunn dance (if you can call it that) and rap along with the ubiquitous club banger is truly an experience. The video cannot be unseen, but you should watch.

[via Gawker