These new UNIS "Duke" shirts are the very definition of wavy. Particularly, the blue, actually wavy shirt. All three feature 100% cotton from India and hand printed patterns. Clearly, I have my eye on dat blue though. Thankfully for me, I have a few arm tattoos. I feel like arm tattoos are kinda crucial for short sleeve shirts like this. Either tattoos or, like, a really strong jawline. I eat way too much Panda Express to have a strong jawline and I'd rather spend strength lab money on tattoos. So, when I wear shirts like these, I look like an old retired rapper that is still maintaining his get money gut despite not even guesting on a track in 10 years. If I were a rapper I'd totally only have one album ever released because work ethic. But it'd be dope debut. I'd be like Camp Lo, except there's only one of me and I can't rap. I know Camp Lo had at least one other album after Uptown Saturday Night, but I prefer to believe they put out one banger and then decided to pack it in and coast forever until infinity.