size? is a fun store to write about because I get to fuck with punctuation and grammar rules more than usual and commenters can't just blame it on my shitty writing style. Obviously, I'm impressed that the English boutique has an exclusive bucket with New Era. I know you have at least one excursion planned to whatever shitty beach is within an hour or so drive of your landlocked apartment. Everyone in the summer congregates around some struggle body of water to pop 'Grams and drink alcoholic beverages, while sweating profusely and being painfully aware of all their personal body image issues. So, get a dope bucket because the strategy for drinking at the beach is to bock some cold beers and then promptly pass out. A proper bucket will shade your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun and your girl who really thought you two would frolic and shit and is now wildly disappointed in you as per usual. Listen, I ain't trying to recreate Top Gun and play some volleyball or actually go in the fucking water. I'm out here trying to get hammered and then dehydrated and then hammered again in order to rehydrate.