How would you like to be able to display all your super artsy-looking Instagram photos gone viral, cat pics, epic Photoshop creations, and whatever other wacky stuff you find on the Internet, right in the living room of your home? Now you can with Electric Objects, a project that has reached its goal on Kickstarter.

Electric Objects is basically a computer that has been made solely for all your art-displaying needs. It's a framed high-definition screen that allows you to display whatever you want (via an application on your phone), and yes, that means gifs too.

You can hang the screen on a wall or set it on a stand. "EO1 is designed to fade into the background, like a photograph or painting. It becomes a part of your home, affording you the chance to enjoy the Internet at a slower, more considered pace," its Kickstarter page reads. 

This is the future, people. Who's trying to cop one now?

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