These days, you don't make a name for yourself with a clean, simple label unless a serious of element of quality is immediately apparent to the wearer. In a crowded lane of minimalistic apparel that has allowed cozy boys to prosper in all spheres of life, Aimé Leon Dore has elbowed out the competition by letting its simplistic basics silently out-perform and out-sell any and all oncomers. The only downside of this, of course, is that the goods have sold out so fast that a lot of fans haven't been able to get their hands on anything...yet.

For pre-fall 2014, the brand has churned out another killer collection of clean and pure goods that is sure to be snatched up when it goes on sale shortly. Using a consistent palette of navy, burgundy, grey, and cream, the collection is comprised of nylon parkas, pullover hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, rugby shirts in denim and terry cloth, reverse terry T-shirts, waffle tanks, French Terry sweat pants and sweat shorts, chino shorts, and chino baseball caps. Stay tuned to the ALD site to hear when this collection will hit shelves. Make sure you decide what you're going to cop right now, because, again, nothing here is going to gather any dust once the floodgates open up.