Whoa, the Self Edge website redesign is legit. Even more legit than their coding skillz are these Self Edge x Imperial jeans. Being part of a collaboration with Self Edge has gotta be like having Thugger ask you to guest on a mixtape. You're super excited, but you also realize that everyone is just gonna refer to it as a Young Thug song regardless of your participation. It's all good though because you're super proud of the product. Back to the jeans. These are woven on a super low tension loom in a mill in Kojima. The weaving speed is so slow that they could only weave enough denim for, like, 12 jeans. The slow speed, you see, creates a unique, breathable denim. Yes, sometimes working slowly has its benefits. I've been telling everyone I've ever worked for in my entire life that little Snapple fact, but none of them seem to agree with me.