Turntable Lab has teamed up with Brooklyn-based artist Rostarr (aka Romon Yang) to create a one-of-a-kind slipmat. Featuring Rostarr's 2012 piece Eclipse Mars I, the slipmat is an explosion of color and bold graphics. The slipmat is a 4-color dye sublimated print, so it won't scratch your records, and it's perfect for both everyday listening and DJing.

Last year, Rostarr exhibited his work at Leila Heller Gallery as part of a show Jeffrey Deitch curated called "Calligraffiti: 1984 to 2013." The exhibition included artists with backgrounds in both street art and typography, those who break down the borders between U.S. graffiti and calligraphy from the Middle East. Rostarr's slipmat for Turntable Lab captures this unmistakeable artistic style.

We are giving away 10 single Rostarr x Turntable Lab Audiosetup slipmats. For a chance to win, email your name and address to yourart@complex.com. You can also purchase Rostarr slipmats from Turntable Lab here.