Running out of battery on your cell phone sucks. We've all been there and we all hate it but it appears things are about to change. 

U.K. designer Adrien Sauvage has partnered up with Microsoft to present the world's first pair of wireless mobile charging pants. Seriously. Sauvage will introduce the wearable technology tonight at his spring/summer showcase in London. 

Sauvage calls his convenient creation "wearable chinos," and says he developed the idea because his phone is always dying. The pants, which took nearly six months to create, contain a wireless Nokia charging plate, located in one of the front pockets. Once you place your phone into the pocket, it begins to charge by using a tactic known as inductive charging, which sends energy to charge your phone battery through an electromagnetic field.  

If this thing works, you'll never have to worry about your phone dying ever again. Sauvage predicts the pants will cost over $340, but it could save you the embarrasment of being "that guy in the corner charging his phone" everywhere you go. The A.Sauvage wearable chinos will be available to purchase for the next three months at Amazon's fashion store

[via Business Insider]