Monitaly is one of my favorite brands because I own a few pieces from them because one time two friends and myself tried to sell stuff online instead of having real jobs. We still don't have real jobs, but I still like to write about Monitaly and tell my lame friends about it because I can drop personal anecdotes about meeting the designer and the team and drinking espresso with them at an Italian trade show. I also like the brand because they make really nice trucker jackets from vintage Army tent material. I'm gonna get one of these and ride one of those motorcycles with the sidecar that Indiana Jones rode with his dad. But not for any particular reason other than that I'm pretty sure I had a trucker jacket on the first time I recreated the scene where Indiana puts the flag pole through the spokes of the Nazi motorcycle with my friend Derek. We didn't have motorcycles or flag poles or anything, but we had two Huffy bikes and a hockey stick. Derek's mom was not happy with us when, instead of flipping over, Derek's spokes just shattered and he had to get a new Huffy.