Friend of bald men everywhere, FairEnds, just released a new line of solid color caps in a lightweight cotton twill. The gray joint is particularly fresh and may or may not already be in my shopping cart. But really, all the options are pretty fucking good. I mean, if you can't figure out how to integrate solid colors into your wardrobe I feel bad for you, son. I feel like these things sell themselves, but I'm contractually obligated to write about things that basically sell themselves. I have a sneaking suspicion that lame dudes have discovered bucket hats, so now you gotta have more options than ever in your summer headwear quiver. They'll all be peacocking in stupid floral bucket hats and then you'll glide into the BBQ in a simple, solid cap and no one will notice because, let's be honest, it's still just a fucking hat and your weird face is attracting most of the attention.