Medium: 21.5 x 17.5” Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2013

“I’m addicted. I know it’s killing me, but I can’t quit. These dreams hurt; they make it hard to breathe. I’m suffocating trying to build a future, but how will I get there when the toll is so high? I can’t eat because they take my appetite. My sustenance is ambition; my nutrition is hope. The cost is rising, and I keep buying. I don’t care what the price tag is. I pay with my heart. We’re all crunched in this city, packed tight with the same visions, the same wishes, the same stories. We’re smoking each other and damn it burns… No, you cannot bum one of mine. No, you cannot buy it for a dollar. I put my life into this, and you want a handout? I crave this. I inhale deeply and live it. I welcome the addiction. Light my paper, watch my insides burn, and pass through my filter. Because when I breathe, I breathe you, and I see my dreams.”