Man of the World No.8 has a Tom Sachs cover, which should be reason enough to pick up the magazine. But if you need more reasons, I don’t know, how about to read some things and look at pretty pictures and carry it in your tote bag so you can pretend to read it at the coffee shop while you actually peruse your feeds. Whenever I buy a magazine like this, inevitably I end up at one of those breakfast/brunch spots that has an all wood interior and v. rustic and v. all about the poached egg and I always order yogurt and granola with a bit of honey. I TALK ABOUT MY LOVE FOR DEL TACO ON A DAILY BASIS YET SOMETIMES I FEEL FANCY AND ORDER FUCKING YOGURT FOR LIKE EIGHT DOLLARS. That’s the power of a good lifestyle magazine. It convinces you to order yogurt and steel milled oats instead of Del Taco.