I don’t know what's funnier, The New York Times just now realizing that sneakers are cool amongst the fashion set or that they call pants "slacks." That's literally like calling the shit "poo." Also, our own Jian DeLeon went to the ballet wearing sneakers. LOL JIAN, TELL ME YOU TRIED TO SAY THAT YOUR LOOK WAS VERY "EN POINTE."

Anyways, the whole point of this article is so that your lame co-workers and that one uncle that still tries to stay hip will email you at some point this week or next with the subject line: "Guess you do know what you're talking about."

To be honest, I don't ever remember sneakers not being cool. I mean, sneakerheads never died. Maybe we're all just paying attention more? I don't know. I always just assumed the sneakerhead in all of us is why McNairy's footwear is so fucking palatable to our set and why we could easily transition to collecting all types of shoes, from work boots, to double monks, to Margiela's. Have we all gotten rid of our dubs? Do we only wear sneakers now? YOU THINK I GOT RID OF MY HARDBOTTOMS 'CAUSE I STAY WELL OFF?

I mean, that whole "sneakers can be worn in the office" thing is a bit of a stretch if you ask me. The only way you're gonna be able to pull of Breds at the office is if you work in a cool creative office like at Complex. Only, like, 4% of the people I follow on Twitter work in such thrive-friendly environments. Everyone else seems to have terrible co-workers and middle management concerned about email protocol and "pleasing the client."

With all these trend pieces about sneakers and tights and whatnot becoming part and parcel of the male wardrobe, when do we get the NYT piece on how well-rounded the American man's closet is becoming? That's what I wanna read.