Do you guys have a fancy toothbrush yet? And no, not one of those weird vibrating ones, even though I hear a Sonicare is life-changing. No, I'm talking 'bout Morihata charcoal toothbrushes. Oh, you think that binchotan toothbrushes are weird? It's Japanese, dawg. It's not weird. It's automatically cooler and better than the free toothbrush you get from your dentist every six months. I cannot fucking wait to buy the black one. Murdered about toiletries is my new move. MY TRAVEL INSTAGRAMS ARE GONNA FLEX SO HARD. Even the hotel staff are gonna be like, "Damn, he is a messy son of a bitch and, clearly, all he's done in the city is shop. Seriously, does he know there are priceless works of art he can see? Oh shit, peep the toothbrush. This dude must is classy as fuck." But then they'll notice how much Seamless I've been ordering and realize I'm just a guy that is too lazy to be chauffeured by an underground train system to eat.