Being an artist with a rent-stabilized loft in New York City is a dream that we've had many times, and one that 67-year-old painter Eileen Hickey-Hulme gets to live in real life. As a person who travels a lot, Hickey-Hulme did what any smart person would do and allegedly used her space as a rental on AirBnb. The Tribeca loft was listed for $250 per night, $1,750 per week or $4,500 per month. Unfortunately, her landlord found out about the not-so-legal "hotel" she was running and wants her out after 40 years in the space.

According to NY Daily News, "when confronted in April 2013 with the ad, Hickey-Hulme yanked it off the Airbnb site and began ducking eviction notices." The landlord wants the amount that the artist has received in "unjust enrichment" for the 9 months that the room was being rented out.

[via Gothamist]