Man, fashion brands love making up bullshit seasons to move more product. We've got Pre-Fall, Pre-Spring, Cruise, even Resort, and now Spring—just fucking Spring—according to Dior Homme. That's right, this collection is totally different than the Spring/Summer 14 one Kris Van Assche will send down the runway next month is Paris. Overall, the offering combines characteristically sharp lines with a mix of bold patterns and colors, including a standout Kermit The Frog colored trench coat. On the collection, reports that Van Assche thinks, "Pieces from one season respond to another," as if that means anything whatsoever. Dude, your job is to make the hottest fire each and every season. You could've appeared more sympathetic had you just come out and said, "These LVMH execs are so far up my Asschehole with making me design 5 collections a year that I can't see straight."