Do you guys want to dress like a real life menswear editor? MAYBE EVEN A REAL LIFE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF? You know, one that has his own TV show and everything? Then get you a Dime T-shirt. I have it on good authority (read: complete fabrication, but typed with extreme conviction) that a strong tee game is how you move up the editorial ladder. See, I'm still a freelance writer because I only have a few dope T-shirts. How do you guys think Woolf made such a fast come up despite being a baby? T-SHIRT GAME WILD SKRONG. Dime is a cool brand because—duh, motherfucker—skateboarding and Montreal. Have you guys even been to Montreal? It's the fucking shit. I remember hitting up the dépanneur to buy forties and then checking out the hippie drum circle near Mt. Royal to cop a twomper of that good Canadian loud. For all the narc dads at home keeping score, a "twomper" is a twenty dollar bag of weed, if that wasn't painfully self-evident.