Man, the universe is a cruel, cruel motherfucker. I'm blaming the fact that this nonnative Postman shirt is available exactly at the moment I have zero discretionary funds on dark matter. FUCK YOU, DARK MATTER. I mean, unless you're the known unknown entity holding the entire universe together. In that case, I'm just gonna be like, "WHY CAN’T I JUST HAZ THIS 3/4 LENGTH SLEEVE, 5/4 LENGTH HEM SHIRT?" Seriously, I want this shirt more than I want you to read this post AND I GET PAID BY PEOPLE READING POSTS. nonnative went ahead and made this out of linen, which means you can layer the fuck out of this even in the summer. Man, now I'm just listing facts I'm going to use to convince myself that I need this shirt more than I need car insurance or a decent credit score.