"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and h8rz." - Benjamin Franklin

Ever since dinosaurs mutated into birds and then evolved into humans there have been h8rz. Why? BALANCE. Light needs Dark. Yin needs its Yang. Fucc needs its Bois. There are h8rz everywhere we go whether we realize it or not. Some are silent fuccbois, whispering behind your perfectly sculpted rhomboids. Others are loud, vocal fuccgibbons who screech their vitriol from the mountaintops for the world to hear. It is easy to be affected—to become depressed even—by the sheer amount of h8 that gets slung our way on a daily basis.

But do not fret, my lords. We here at the pins that number four have compiled The Celebrity Guide To Dealing With H8rz for you, the everyman. Study up on this influential compilation of lessons you too can use to combat the h8, because if anyone is an expert in dealing with an inordinate amount of h8tred, it's a bonafide superstar.

Justin Roberson is a content creator whose hobbies include sending h8rz the world over into an uproar. Follow him on Twitter here.