If you guys haven't noticed, the fishtail detail is a detail that will make me like any jacket and/or parka it is applied to. If you have noticed, CONGRATS, YOU ARE MORE ASTUTE THAN SOME OF YOUR PEERS. The Real McCoy's makes this fishtail parka and sells it for a little over a G, which I thought was a lot for a fishtail parka, but then realized it's, like, the median price for the type of fishtail parkas I like. I also realized that Gentry styled this pretty much exactly how I would style it. When I say "style," I, of course, mean how I would get dressed. This is a little bit awkward for me because I can never go into Gentry without them expecting me to buy up a grip of shit because all I ever seem to do is praise their buys and styling choices. BUT I'M SUPER POOR. So, I just end up walking around the store, looking at things without ever taking them off the rack, cracking a joke to no one in particular, failing to introduce myself and then popping a 'gram of the store facade with the caption: "Great to finally check out Gentry. Def. cool people," in the hopes that a manager or someone will notice, look up my email and offer me free gear. AND THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS HOW YOU "SUCCEED" IN #MENSWEAR.