Pharrell Williams opened his first art show in Paris yesterday, titled, like his album, "G I R L," with two floors of works by his artist friends and collaborators. Many of the artists in the show chose to use Pharrell as their muse. Daniel Arsham, of Snarkitecture, make a full body cast of the singer; Rob Pruitt created a psychedelic couch painted with a portrait of Pharrell; and Japanese artist Mr. painted an anime pop caricature of the curator.

While Pharrell was certainly the man of the night, he told the Wall Street Journal that he felt "weird" about being the centerpiece of many of the works. In a video with the newspaper, he also said, "It says 'Curating by Pharrell Williams, ' but it should really be 'The Education of Pharrell Williams' because I'm just learning."

Pharrell has curated "G I R L" for Galerie Perrotin. The show will run until June 25 in Paris.

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[via Wall Street Journal]