New York, Japan, and Europe are usually the first places you look to for style inspirations. They have long held it down as fashion capitals, and everyone knows that. Virginia, however, will immediately bring thoughts of overalls and corn cobb pipe smoking locals. But that is not the case as Racked found out when it took a trip down to Need Supply Co.’s Richmond-based headquarters.

Need Supply Co. sells some of the dopest shit on the Internet, so the people behind it must be dripping in style, right? The verdict is yes. There is no strict dress code, but apparently the only article of clothing employees are not allowed to wear are shorts. Racked also picked the staff's brains to see what makes their creative minds tick. A couple excerpts are below with the rest on the Racked website

Krystle Kemp, Fashion Director, on the best shopping advice she's received:
"Save up and spend wisely on investment piece. My addictive need for newness keeps me from following this advice."

Gabriel Ricioppo, Creative Director, on items he would save from a fire:
"My black jeans, a white shirt and my Common Projects. I don't really have a lot of investment pieces, so it can all be replaced. I think that's also the cool part about clothes: You want to update them seasonally."

Ryan Towns, Men's Buyer, on worst shopping habit:
"Buying all grey everything!"

Will Goodwin, Photographer, on the pros and cons of living outside of a "fashion capital":
"The pro is that how I dress isn't really a concern and I can actually worry about being a decent human being (I'm a horrible multi-tasker; I can't do both). No cons for me."

[via Racked]