You guys, my new company that makes bespoke terrycloth towels has hit a few speed bumps. So, while you wait, pick up this towel from Neighborhood. You like leopard print gear, but you can't really pull it off when it's on an actual garment without looking like one of those kids Schlossman ethers on "Fashion Bros!" Instead, just get you a small towel you can drape over your shoulder. I'm always amazed that no one else brings a towel with them to the spring/summer fashion shows. I mean, it is hot as fuck in those venues. The only problem I see with this towel is that I tend to lose my terrycloth towels because they are just draped lazily over my shoulder. Normally, I don't care when they disappear because they're super cheap, but this joint costs $35 dollars Canadian. YOU CAN'T JUST THROW CANADIAN DOLLARS AROUND LIKE THAT. WHO DO THINK YOU ARE? KANYE WEST?