Rascals' (apparently that apostrophe is not of the stray variety) just dropped a new summer capsule collection, which is full of good shit you could definitely wear later on when your balls are sweating. And that's an underrated quality in a collection. No, not the balls bit. That whole good shit part. Like, a lot of the time, brands are all in your face about you making some sort of statement with your silhouettes or patterns or dumb ass graphics, but this drop is just solid, not boring gear that could be worn on occasion during the next few months. Heading out to grab an iced coffee? Throw on some Rascals' shorts. Traveling to the beach? Put on one of these bucket hats. Going to an outdoor garden dinner bullshit thing? Put on the above black button down shirt with "No History" on the back and tell everyone who asks you what it means to politely shut the fuck up and mind their own business.