Not everyone is fortunate enough to be as talented and full of conviction as artist Dan Colen, who's seen as one of downtown New York's adored contemporary wunderkinds. Recently, he gave a talk for the Neuehouse’s Frieze Speaker Series, preceding the Lawrence Weiner x Jill Magid talk we covered.

Colen says, "I try to get lost as much as possible...A lot of art is about people making decisions, and saying, 'This is how it's done, this is how I'm gonna do it, this is how I'm gonna get the greatest effect. I'm unwilling to do that at all. It's in that willingness to take the risk of saying, "I don't know anything, but let's see what happens when I put this on the floor, or let's see if anything changes when I put it over here."

His risk-taking and improvisation has clearly paid off.

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