Acapulco Gold doesn’t really hop much on trends and wisely sticks to the tried and true formula of smart logo flips, hardcore hip-hop, and graphics featuring badass characters. And there’s always a lesson to be learned if you dig deep enough behind the surface of each cool image. Results are always solid, and it further adds to its spring/summer 2014 collection with the second drop.

The tees and caps never fail to disappoint, but please stay woke on its cut and sew items. If its denim you’re looking for there is a 5-pocket selvage jean constructed out of 14oz denim straight from the famed kings of denim over at Cone Mills. Stay cozy in the fleece shorts which feature the brands Angry Lo mascot. Or throw on a classic oxford shirt, but look closer, because these have a subtle camo print action going on. Visit the Acapulco Gold website and let them hold you down with dope gear. 

[via Acapulco Gold]