Cav Empt always makes a few pieces that I would cop if I were in store on some weak impulse control shit, but because I can't remember a series of numbers anymore, I often refrain from buying shit online impulsively because nothing kills impulsive behavior more than crippling laziness. There are probably hundreds of things I would've copped had I not had to walk into another room to get my wallet first. All that being said, I'm still contemplating walking 75 steps to retrieve my wallet for this twill anorak. It's just boxy and weird enough to layer momwave garments underneath and straight murder the lames at the mall. HEY J. CREW GUY, DON'T COMPLIMENT ME ON MY ANORAK. I'M JUST HERE SO MY GIRL CAN COP SOME CHAMBRAY AND COSTUME JEWELRY ON THAT 900% OFF SALES RACK.